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Biennial of Thought

Debates with secondary school students

Educational Programme

Debate + Education

Programmes for adolescents, with the aim of bringing young people into the big debates of the day, is one of the CCCB’s usual lines of work. They are citizens who are at an age to ask questions and question things, at a stage of life that is essentially philosophical, replete with doubts, insecurity and uncertainty, but also with energy and curiosity about the world.


As part of the Thinking Biennale, the CCCB will invite secondary school children from a number of centres to come and share their ideas with the philosopher Georges Didi-Huberman, the anthropologist Rita Segato, the writer Sabri Louatah, the architect Marina Tabassum, and the mathematician Marcus du Sautoy. These are face-to-face encounters between students and great thinkers, “corruption of youth” in the true Socratic spirit, which is simply trying to educate young people to become critical adults and freer citizens.


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