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Culturnautes 2018

The CCCB’s summer day camp


During 4 weeks of Summer, various specialistists in their respective fields will be holding creative workshops for children between 6 and 14 years of age. The activities will explore the panoply of culture available at the CCCB and will be presented within a playful framework to capture the imagination.

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Fourth week of «Culturnautes 2018»: Circus Laboratory

An approach to Science language through Circus

Video of the fourth week of Culturnautes 2018.

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Third week of "Culturnautes 2018": The night Frankenstein was born

Making of an animation cinema short film

Video summary of the third week of Culturnautas 2018. Like Lord Byron, who challenged Mary Shelley to write a horror story, during the third week of 'Culturnautes' 2018, the youngest ones of CCCB have challenged their peers to create an animated film piece. Thus, different techniques of animation ...

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Upcoming activities at the CCCB

Espai B

An Artistic Space for Encounters and Experimentation

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