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Culturnautes 2018

The CCCB’s summer day camp

During 4 weeks of Summer, various specialistists in their respective fields will be holding creative workshops for children between 6 and 14 years of age. The activities will explore the panoply of culture available at the CCCB and will be presented within a playful framework to capture the imagination.

Third week of "Culturnautes 2018": The night Frankenstein was born

Making of an animation cinema short film

Video summary of the third week of Culturnautas 2018. Like Lord Byron, who challenged Mary Shelley to write a horror story, during the third week of 'Culturnautes' 2018, the youngest ones of CCCB have challenged their peers to create an animated film piece.

Second week of «Culturnautes 2018»: The eighth note

A musical experience

Video of the second week of the CCCB’s Summer School, where the “culturnautes” had to find the eighth note, a sound that resonates when everything is silent. And they have been able to do it with the help of the band Xiula, who have guided them through different artistic expressions in order to experience the power of music to know the world that surrounds us, but also to know our inner selves.

First Week of «Culturnautes 2018»: Windows

An approach to Contemporary Art

Video of the first week of our summer school where, altogether with the artists group Grans Recorreguts, kids learnt about the artistic creation through the game, learning as well not to be afraid in front of a white canvas. In addition, the children glimpsed different countries and communities with the help of Pankh, a magical feather that has a taste for travelling, slipping through open windows and discovering other worlds.