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Xiula is a collective made up of musicians and social educators that offers a unique musical animation experience. They are showmen but professional showmen, working with critical contents and good humour. They are closely involved in the world of education and concerned with the needs and conflicts of people and our society. Taking music as the essential element of their activities, they bring a critical, transformative approach to the realities they don’t like. They produce songs, shows, books, Chinese shadows and all kinds of activities for all audiences. Xiula is Jan Garrido (musician, social educator and beating heart of the group), Rikki Arjuna (also a musician and social educator), Adrià Heredia (a professional musician involved in various bands) and Marc Soto (musician and member of the group La Sra. Tomasa).

Update: 1 July 2021


Has participated in

Recognize the essence of school

Closing ceremony of the 56th Rosa Sensat Summer School

Culturnautes 2018

The CCCB’s summer day camp