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The Masked Body

Camouflaging the body from surveillance

Workshop on facial recognition and identification, with Mentah

Courses and workshops

A workshop about the difference between facial identification and recognition, the artificial intelligence systems on which they are based, and a laboratory of makeup as a tool for resisting the bias of these technologies.

How does technology perceive our faces? This workshop proposes strategies for understanding how facial recognition systems work, the sexist and racist biases they incorporate, and the control mechanisms they generate. Based on the difference between recognition and identification, it will explore how artificial intelligence works, the data it is based on, and how it is applied in different continents. The workshop also includes a makeup laboratory where, instead of looking at ourselves in the mirror, we look at ourselves in the camera and the facial recognition system. We’ll learn about the perception of our faces by a technology trained to track each facial characteristic and collect information about our mood, gender, ethnicity, age and location. The workshop proposes makeup as a tool of resistance to evade this relationship of power and control by generating new faces.

Curators: laSADCUM

Participants: Mentah

This activity is part of The Mask Never Lies, The Masked Body

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