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William Kentridge

“Bioscope” online

Discover documentary animation by making your own film



Fancy making your own animated film? "Bioscope" is an educational and creative project that offers tools, resources and inspirational examples for discovering the language of  documentary animation, in such a way that everyone who wants to can created an animated self-story. With all the Bioscope films made, a collective film will gradually be created; a great map of diverse stories about our surrounding environment.

At everyone can learn to make their own animated self-story, using tools for the language of animation and at the same time experimenting with the way that we show ourselves to others or with how others see us.

The animated self-stories can be created individually, with a partner or in a group. On the website the different options are explained for making the animation pieces and examples, resources and guidelines are given (from how to approach a script to how to record the films) so that the film creation process is fun, pleasurable and accessible for all.

From the sum of all the animated films that are made, an animated and collective biography will be formed of our city or territory, based on the memoirs, tales of past and present, memories and future desires of all the participants. This collective film can be seen at all times on the website

The animated films of the Bioscope can also be filmed in person at the CCCB, whether at workshops for all the family or with secondary school/training college cycles requesting this from the Education Service

The Bioscope is a new project from the CCCB’s Mediation Department, designed by the director of art and animation, Laura Ginés and illustrator and animator Pepon Meneses. It is inspired by the documentary animation works of South African artist William Kentridge, to whom the CCCB is devoting an exhibition.

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