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The Mask Never Lies

Bioscope: Antiselfies. Take off your mask

Documentary animation workshops from the age of 9


We will take us self-portraits and represent ourselves in a different and original way, and we will give them movement through the Stop-Motion technique. We will show the result on FaceTrue, a new social network that allows us to unmark ourselves collectively and show new selves that have so far remained hidden.

Come and work on the themes of identity and self-representation through animation, to break out of the stereotypes of representation to which we are accustomed.

How many times during the day do we capture our image? How are these images? What is a selfie? Is it still the case if we don't publish it? On what platforms do we share these portraits? Are we as far as we show ourselves?

The selfie is an exhibition of our own image, fulfills a social function and allows us to build and experience our own identity. However, these images are always conditioned by the gaze and reaction of the other because when we share them, we are exposed to the emotional response of our community of users. We belong to the extent that other gazes recognize us. This surely makes our self-representation seek to project an attractive identity that meets the approval of those who observe us. So what are these guarantees of success? Are there any unwritten rules in the world of selfie? Do we feel conditioned or pressured to represent ourselves in one way or another? What role do digital filters and masks play?

The exhibitions "The mask never lies" and "Francesc Tosquelles" are the context for proposing this new edition of Bioscopi, a permanent line of work of the CCCB with the educational community (schools, institutes, socio-educational organizations, families, ..) to explore the world around us using the resources and techniques of animation.

Design of the workshops by Martina Rogers, with the advice of Liliana Arroyo.

This activity is part of The Mask Never Lies, Francesc Tosquelles

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