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Liliana Arroyo

Researcher and teacher at the intersection between technology and society, specializing in the fields of education and health.

Dr. Liliana Arroyo Moliner is researcher and professor at the University of Barcelona, in addition she is independent consultant on international projects.

She is a social analyst with a strong background in methodology, research techniques and data analysis (quantitative and qualitative). This technical knowledge has enabled her to participate as a member of the research team in various projects in different areas of sociology, with the common goal of understanding social phenomena or significant changes in the collective sphere. In recent years she has worked since new religious movements to health and education issues, through organizational management or privacy and other fundamental human rights.

She has been outstanding member in a dozen conference organizing committees and scientific sessions both at national and international levels. She also participates regularly in non-academic areas for the transfer of knowledge, because science without disclosure makes no sense.

Update: 27 April 2016



Anna Pacheco, Efraín Foglia, Felipe G. Gil, Irene Solà, Jorge Carrión, Libby Heaney, Liliana Arroyo, Maria Cabrera i Taller Estampa

Has participated in

Univers Internet - BiblioLab

Training programme

Univers Internet – BiblioLab

Training programme

Internet Universe. Pedagogical resources

Teacher training workshop

Privacy Dilemmas and the Future of the Internet

Presentation of two new units of the educational briefcase