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Martina Rogers Manzano

Visual artist, graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Ceramics and the plastic arts have always accompanied her, and thus she has developed a genuine way of inhabiting the world. Play and experimentation are the basis of her creative processes, where different plastic techniques, such as drawing, engraving, ceramics or animation, dialogue with each other. She has worked on the ideation, conceptualization and execution of different animation workshops at film festivals such as: Manlleu Film Festival, Memorimage Reus International Film Festival, Brief European Short Film Festival (Reus). Creator of films or video installations such as: Materialísimas (2020) 33 ”, La tornera (2019) 05”, OXXXO (2018) 4'10 '', Adentros (2018) 3'40 '', A Fairy Film (2017) 2 '07” and This is not a skating show (2017) 3'08”.