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The Mask Never Lies

Bioscope: Antiselfies. A sum of masks

Documentary animation workshops for 6 to 12 year olds


We will create an device that allows us to represent ourselves in three different areas of our lives. From here we will create an animated portrait with the technique of stop motion and see how the identity is interactive and constantly evolving.

How many times during the day do we capture our image or that of our son or daughter? How are these images? To introduce ourselves to the world, we use different masks: "I'm the son / daughter of ...", "I'm a student at school ...", "I'm from ...". Depending on different circumstances and contexts, we are different: we do not behave in the same way at school as at home, with friends, or with family. Each of us unfolds different “selves” and we are a sum of all these faces that we show.

Come to work on the themes of identity and self-representation, through plastic expressiveness and animation, to get out of stereotypes.

The exhibitions "The mask never lies" and "Francesc Tosquelles" are the context for proposing this new edition of Bioscopi, a permanent line of work of the CCCB with the educational community (schools, institutes, organizations socio-educational, families, ..) to explore the world around us using the resources and techniques of animation.

Design of the workshops by Martina Rogers, with the advice of Liliana Arroyo.

This activity is part of The Mask Never Lies, Francesc Tosquelles

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