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BAM Music Festival 2021 at CCCB

«La Mercè» music festival

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Plaza Joan Coromines once again hosts part of the BAM (Barcelona Acció Musical) program, in an edition that seeks to be the most diverse so far, giving voice to a great variety of sounds, aesthetics and communities.

Program at CCCB


Thursday 23

20.50: Bikôkô: Aura Aura (Barcelona. Rhythm and Blues / Neo Soul)

22.10: Wind Atlas (Barcelona. Post Punk)

23.30: Fulu Miziki (Republic of Congo. Music from Garbage)


Friday 24

20.50: Rata Negra (Madrid. Punk / Pop)

22.10: Una Bestia Incontrolable (Barcelona. Hardcore / Punk)

23.30: Viva Belgrado: Bellavista (Andalucía. Rock)


Saturday 25

20.50: Ulldeter (Barcelona. Pop / Dancehall / Folk)

22.10: Kai Landre X Lyzza (Barcelona. Electronics of chance / Experimental)

23.30: Planningtorock (United Kingdom. Dance / House)

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