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Making Africa

Africa in Wikipedia

#Making Africa Challenge: Improving the presence of Cabo Verde in Wikipedia

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Africa is a continent that is under-represented on Wikpedia in Catalan. We would like to propose a challenge to you: during a one month period, to improve or create new contents in Catalan on Cabo Verde, one of the African countries with the least articles on the Catalan version of Wikipedia: Viquipèdia. What are you waiting for Wikipedians, will you help us out?

Africa is the only continent that has less than 1000 own-produced geolocated articles between all the countries that form part of it. There are more articles on the Antarctic or on fictitious territories such as Middle-earth and Discworld, than on the 53 countries that make up the African continent.

Coinciding with the exhibition Making Africa, we are organising an online competition with Amical Wikimedia. The aim: to improve visibility on Wikipedia in Catalan of Cabo Verde, a state that has very few entries in the encyclopaedia. On 5 July, the 41st anniversary of Cabo Verde’s independence, we will extend an invitation to edit entries related with the biographies, culture, architecture, the economy, geography, history and politics of the country. To facilitate the proposing of subjects and ideas you can access the list prepared by Amical Wikimedia. You have until 25 July to edit entries. The three best publications among all the participants will be selected to win the following prizes:

1st) Making Africa exhibition catalogue + Friends of the CCCB card
2nd) Catalogues from previous exhibitions at the CCCB related with Africa + Friends of the CCCB card
3rd) Pack of Breus CCCB + Friends of the CCCB card

This activity is part of Making Africa

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