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Africa in Wikipedia

#Making Africa Challenge: Improving the presence of Cabo Verde in Wikipedia

Africa is a continent that is under-represented on Wikpedia in Catalan. We would like to propose a challenge to you: during a one month period, to improve or create new contents in Catalan on Cabo Verde, one of the African countries with the least articles on the Catalan version of Wikipedia: Viquipèdia. What are you waiting for Wikipedians, will you help us out?

Elisenda Pallarés

Africa from the West: a Biased View

Alex Hinojo

Africa is clearly subject to systemic bias: it is under-represented from the point of view of participation, content, and perspective.


The Digital Citizenry Revolution in Africa

Carlos Bajo

Citizens are monitoring elections, challenging dictators, claiming basic rights and building communities. African civil society takes control of digital space.