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Mònica Bernabé

A journalist, correspondent for, and present head of the International Section of the daily Ara, she worked in Afghanistan as a freelance correspondent for the newspaper El Mundo in the years of conflict from 2006 to 2014, during which time she denounced human rights violations and violence against women. She has been awarded several prizes, notable amongst which are the 2013 Cirilo Rodríguez award and the 2010 Julio Anguita Parrado Prize for Journalism. In 2000 she founded the Association for Human Rights in Afghanistan (ASDHA) and was its president until it was disbanded sixteen years later. She works on a regular basis in various areas of the media, including Catalunya Radio and Canal Sur TV, and is also author of the book Afganistán: crónica de una ficción (Afghanistan: Chronicle of a Fiction, Debate, 2012). She also edited Mujeres, Afganistán (Women, Afghanistan, Blume, 2014), a collection of photographs and eyewitness accounts of almost 250 Afghan women who speak about their situation in their country.

Update: 24 October 2019


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