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The colonial scar

Angela Davis, Maria Campbell, Pankaj Mishra and Aída Bueno

26 October - 14 December

Enric Casasses

They’re Knocking at the Window

Enric Casasses ponders the possibilities held out by poetry for looking at reality in a particular way. Casasses, poet, rhapsode, playwright, and translator, has cultivated the word in every possible domain. With such a multifaceted creator, words cease to be merely an instrument of communication to... //

Tonatiuh López: “The mistake that museums make is wanting to create an audience; life is already created, so just deal with it”

João França

We talk with Tonatiuh López about the Museo Arte Contemporáneo Ecatepec, a Project that occupies the public space to generate interaction with the community.

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Audiovisuals + Courses and workshops

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