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Building the American Dream

Until 8 September


Espai B

An Artistic Space for Encounters and Experimentation

20 March — 8 September

Philipp Engel: “The suburban landscape is so iconic that it sparks a fascination from which we cannot break free”

Inside the exhibition "Suburbia"

The curator of the exhibition Philipp Engel examines the origin and vast expansion of residential neighbourhoods in the United States, an urban model centred on constructing large swathes of single-family homes on the outskirts of cities. Engel reflects on the allure that suburban landscapes ...

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"Moved": Poetry for Palestine

Farah Chamma and LIEV

In this artistic proposal, Palestinian poet Farah Chamma and Brazilian musician LIEV, who form the duo Chamæleon, denounce the genocide in Gaza and reflect on human fragility and vulnerability.

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"Suburbia" catalogue

The catalogue is available on the bookstores (Laie CCCB and Diputació de Barcelona). With articles by Philipp Engel, Francesc Muñoz, Jordi Costa, Ana Galvañ, Kate Wagner, A. M. Homes, Julio Garnica and Margaret Crawford.

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Terracccita Bar-Restaurant

Bar and restaurant with an outdoor terrace, the perfect meeting point before or after your visit.

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