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Activities for groups and schools

Yásnaya Aguilar: lecture for secondary students

Other Languages, Other Knowledge

In this talk, Yásnaya Aguilar explores the unique value and transformational power of non-hegemonic languages and cultures.

Every culture and every language is a window from where to interpret and change the world. Linguist, writer and activist Yásnaya Aguilar defends the value of minority cultures and languages, such as her own, known as Ayuujk, or Mixe. For her, they are not only spaces where their speakers can create community, but also tools for resistance and repositories of practices and bodies of knowledge that can be enormously useful to us when dealing with present-day crises. Alongside her linguistic activism, Aguilar is also involved in the struggle for environmental rights in Mexico and the protection of natural resources, with a special concern for water.

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