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Ramon Llull and the «ars combinatoria»

Karlsruhe / ZKM | Center for Art and Media

The exhibition DIA-LOGOS. Ramon Llul and the ars combinatoria is a coproduction of the CCCB and the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. The show is dedicated to the outstanding Catalan-Majorcan philosopher, logician, and mystic Ramon Llull (c. 1232 – c. 1316), whose life and work continue to fascinate a host of thinkers, artists, and scholars today.

The influence of his universal concepts and ideas can be found in many fields — literature, visual arts, music, philosophy, religion, and politics — and their effects are felt in contemporary disciplines such as information theory, informatics, and media technology. In the exhibition this broad scope of Llull’s impact will be reflected in a many-layered network of references stretching from the thirteenth century into the present day. Besides the significance of Llullian combinatorics for generative and algorithmic principles to develop advanced media technologies, it is particularly highly topical questions concerning the transfer of knowledge and values that can be dealt with through unconditional readiness to enter into dialogue.

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