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Xcèntric. 11th season 2011-2012


Contemporary Glances at Experimental Cinema

The third iteration of a biennial meeting that brings artists and experts together in Barcelona to debate present-day questions of experimental film. This year’s event is devoted to reflection on the performance aspect of experimental film and video, from the practices of expanded cinema to the deconstructions of social, cultural and sexual actions.

This activity is part of Xcèntric. 11th season 2011-2012

Previous activities

Carte blanche to Matthias Müller

Carte blanche to Marc Siegel

Performing Pop I & II

Performance by Vaginal Davis and works by Carles Congost

Projecting Projection

An illustrated talk by Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder

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Performing Pop III

Talk with Carles Congost and Vaginal Davis, moderated by Marc Siegel

(Over)Exposure: Archeology of Light

Performance by Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder

Thieves Like Me II

Screening of pieces by Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet

Thieves Like Me I

Talk by Matthias Müller

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