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Thieves Like Me II

Screening of pieces by Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet



Ten years after being a protagonist of the first season of Xcèntric, Matthias Müller will be here in person presenting a programme he has selected from his large, exciting body of work, including his latest pieces. Based on his solo work and his collaborations with Christoph Girardet, Müller has constructed one of the most stimulating dissections of classical film and its performative variables, from the actual performance to lighting.

Promises, M. Müller, video (loop), 2003; Alpsee, M. Müller, 16 mm, 1994, 15'; Phoenix Tapes #4: Why Don’t You Love Me?, C. Girardet & M. Müller, video, 1999, 8’30''; Maybe Siam, C. Girardet & M. Müller, video, 2009, 12'20''; Locomotive, C. Girardet & M. Müller, video, 2008, 22' [courtesy of Atelier HSL]; Contre-jour, C. Girardet & M. Müller, 35 mm, 2009, 11'; Mirror, C. Girardet & M. Müller, 35 mm CinemaScope, 2003, 8'.

Directors: Matthias Müller, Christoph Girardet

This activity is part of XPERIMENTA’11

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