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Carte blanche to Matthias Müller



Selection and presentation by Matthias Müller of works by artists and filmmakers who have influenced his body of work.

60 Seconds (analog), Christoph Girardet, video (loop), 2003; Teaching the Alphabet, Volker Schreiner, video, 2007, 4'; Scope, Volker Schreiner,video, 2008, 5'; Pianoforte, Christoph Girardet,video, 2007, 6'; Dial M for Mother, Eli Cortiñas, video, 2008, 11'; Permanent Wave, Anita Thacher, 16 mm, 4'; Rose Hobart, Joseph Cornell, 16 mm, 1936-39, 18'; Decodings, Michael Wallin, 16 mm, 1988, 15'; Stadt in Flammen, Schmelzdahin,16 mm, 1984, 6'.

Directors: Christoph Girardet, Joseph Cornell, Schmelzdahin, Eli Cortiñas, Volker Schreiner, Anita Thacher, Michael Wallin, Matthias Müller

This activity is part of XPERIMENTA’11

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