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Biennal de Pensament Ciutat Oberta

The Open City Biennial of Thought was launched in 2018 with a view to debating the role of cities in the great challenges facing contemporary society. It emerged with the aim of becoming a celebration of the city as a forum in which to discuss the cities that we want and that we need, with plural views and the participation of everyone.

During the days of the Biennial, Barcelona becomes home to a range of proposals distributed all around the city and addressing all audiences, with diverse languages and formats (from debates and conferences to poetry and music, and including different theatrical and artistic interventions) whose shared mission is to favour collective reflection.

Promoted by Barcelona City Council, the Biennial is a project which enjoys the involvement of numerous city agents and organisations, including the CCCB.

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In symbiosis

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In tandem with the exhibition “Science Friction”, these debates bring together local and international voices from different disciplines to talk about how to generate a new way of looking at life that would enable us to understand the complexity of the crisis that is now affecting the ...

Album. Boris Lehman

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