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Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick Filmforum "The XXth Century Machine"

In association with the cycle “Stanley Kubrick, a Giant” organised by the Filmoteca de Catalunya, we present four sessions of dialogue with the participation of experts in the field of film and communication studies, science and art history, sociology, anthropology and various scientific disciplines, taking an across-the-board look at what Kubrick proposes by means of his cinema.

The work of Stanley Kubrick has repeatedly shown itself to be one of the most important and influential cinematographic edifices of the 20th century. Coinciding with the exhibition “Stanley Kubrick” and based on admiration of his films and recognition of their undeniable impact at many different levels, we offer a cycle of dialogues with the aim of exploring his cinema from the viewpoint of its relation with processes of production and management of knowledge, and its importance in the societies in which we live.

Cinema is a fundamental medium that contemporary societies use to look at themselves. Kubrick’s body of work in particular allows us to explore, extend and diversify we way we see the last century: his cinema is very precisely situated and concerned with its place and its times, in keeping with the director’s particular interests as an inhabitant of the Western world since World War II and the Cold War.

In this context, it centres on scientific and technological development as an essential part of people’s everyday lives, individually and collectively, and the social and institutional relations generated as a consequence. Kubrick’s gaze, then, at once historical, sociological and anthropological, with its bold aesthetic and technical proposals, markedly self-referring and clearly recognisable, explores the way human beings relate with their social, political, cultural, and scientífic-technological structures in contemporary Western societies.

Coordinators:  Carlos Tabernero Holgado, professor at the Centre d’Història de la Ciència (CEHIC), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and Jordi Sánchez Navarro, professor and director of the Studies of Information and Communition Sciences, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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