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The Barcelona Debate

Real City, Ideal City

The Barcelona Debate 1997



This activity is part of The Barcelona Debate

Previous activities

Art and Power in the Urban Space. Reflections on the Case of Barcelona

Debate with Jean Louis Cohen, Enric Miralles, Joan Clos and Josep Ramoneda

New territories, New Instruments, New Forms of Public Space

Debate with Eduard Bru, Manuel Castells and Fernando Marzà

Politics and Postmodern Spaces

Debate with Jordi Borja, Sharon Zukin and Albert Garcia Espuche

From the World City to the City World. Vitality and Agony of Urban Fact

Debate with Xavier Rubert de Ventós, J.A. Acebillo and Oriol Nel·lo

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Is Urban Future Still Conceivable? Between Utopias and Heterotopies

Debate with Blair Ruble, Robert Fishman and Pep Subirós

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