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NOW 2009




A review of the financial situation in the United States, which, since its foundation in 1776, has been racking up a national debt that is now in excess of 10 trillion dollars.


Since its foundation in 1776, national debt at the United States has been constantly increasing. During the Reagan Administration the situation worsened, and for the first time in US history the national debt reached alarming heights in peacetime. When Bush senior declared "No new taxes!" in 1988, the situation didn't get any better. Despite government attempts to keep the debt under control, the United States is still saddled with a debt in excess of 10 trillion dollars. This documentary helps to explain the structural problems of the current financial crisis and includes interviews with Alan Greenspan, Paul H. O'Neill, Robert Rubin and Paul Volcker.

This activity is part of NOW. March 2009, NOW 2009

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