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Klub de lectura 2022/2023

The Klub de Lectura of Friends of the CCCB is a space that invites you to expand your experience of the Centre, with participatory activities to talk about what you’re reading and share opinions related to the universe of our program of exhibitions and debates. This initiative is also an exercise in stressing the value of reading, particularly the personal and secret dialogue that is created between book, author and reader, and which sessions of the KL open up to collective interpretations and contributions.


Previous activities

"El buen padre” by Nadia Hafid

“The End of Love” by Eva Illouz

“El infinito en un junco” by Irene Vallejo

“The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas

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“El fill del xofer” by Jordi Amat

“Terres mortes” by Núria Bendicho Giró