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Artist accompaniment programme

GRAPA is an artist accompaniment programme promoted by the CCCB and Hangar to open and relate creative processes at the overlap of art, science, technology and society (ACTS).

GRAPA encourage collaborative work between artists and institutions that are responsible for facilitating research, production and mediation in some of the phases of the artistic project. In 2023, GRAPA is supporting the work of the artists Sílvia Zayas and Joana Moll.

At the same time, GRAPA promotes the observation and reporting of artistic processes in order to generate knowledge about the creation of projects shared by disciplines and institutions. Finally, GRAPA is a space for learning, networking and conversation between institutions that work with different frameworks, objectives and methodologies.

GRAPA form a pilot programme that is part of RED ACTS, a network promoted by the UOC and Hub d’Art, Ciència i Tecnologia (Hac Te) with the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation. RED ACTS was created as a common space to offer a fluid environment of collaboration between artists, researchers and institutions that carry out their activity at the intersection between art, science, technology and society.



Artistic accompaniment programme

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Meshes, Diagrams, Knots and Staples

Lucía Casani, Tere Badia, Silvia Zayas, Joana Moll, Claudio Barría and Clara Piazuelo

Artists Joana Moll and Silvia Zayas, and scientist Claudio Barría, along with the people coordinating GRAPA—Clara Piazuelo (GRAPA coordinator), Susana Arias (CCCB), Anna Manubens (Hangar) and Tere Badia (HacTe)—, discus the artistic methodologies in art, science, technology and society (ACTS) brought into play by the GRAPA prototype.

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Meshes, Diagrams, Knots and Staples

Conversation about artistic methodologies in art and science projects, and presentation of the GRAPA notebook

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