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Orwell Day

Dia Orwell 2019

Once again, the CCCB is organising its annual Orwell Day with an afternoon of activities including a lecture by the novelist Deborah Levy, a panel discussion with new voices that are updating his work, and free-of-charge literary routes through Orwell’s Barcelona.

With right-wing movements and parties on the rise in a Europe that seems to be succumbing to different kinds of authoritarianism, remembering the person and legacy of George Orwell is an essential exercise when thinking about this situation. And it is also a crucial task for the new generations.

Orwell Day 2019 will begin with literary routes through Orwell’s Barcelona offered by volunteer guides who will trace his steps around the city. This is to be followed at the CCCB by a panel discussion with young authors who are revealing new facets of Orwell’s figure and work. Finally, the novelist and playwright Deborah Levy, one of the best-known writers in the English literary scene, will give a lecture about writing as a political exercise, after which the discussion will be open to the audience.

The Orwell Day is an initiative developed since its beginnings with the Orwell Day Collective and that is celebrated in collaboration with the PEN Català.

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Routes through Orwell’s Barcelona

Orwell through New Eyes

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Deborah Levy

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