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BCNmp7. 2011

Music in process

BCNmp7 is a cycle of creation, agitation and debate on types of contemporary popular music that aims to underline the musical specificity experienced by Barcelona, without forgetting the increasingly intense communicating vessels between cities, regions and global tendencies.

Performers such as Jeremy Jay, Joe Crepúsculo, Slaraffenland, Cluster, Institut Fatima, Jonathan Richman, Kiko Veneno, Muchachito, Bert Janch, Charlie Gillet, Nouvelle Vague, Bradien, Lichens, Mujeres, Casa Crew, Tarántula, Le Pianc, El Guincho, etc. are some of the artists that have defined previous seasons.

In its sixth year now, BCNmp7 continues exploring alternative visions of the musical scene of the present, new concerts aimed at illustrating fusions and frictions that affect the different musical genres and reviews of the past filtered through the sieve of the present. El Caribe en construcció with Rita Indiana, Big Band Bolero: la perfidia de tu amor, an improvised jazz session and la cartografia musical barcelonina make up the core of the BCNmp7 programme for 2011.


BCNm7 - My space!!!

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BCNmp7. The Perfidy of Your Love

We are all children or grandchildren of a first dance. Starting from this premise, the MP7 session ‘The Perfidy of Your Love’ sets out to recapture and champion Barcelona’s dance-band tradition, bringing to light a history of music, dance-halls and the people who attended those first dances, and adapt it to our present-day context, with songs we all know and now have the chance to dance to again.

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BCNmp7. Music in process

Rita Indiana y los misterios

BCNmp7. ‘The Perfidy of Your Love’

Music in process

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