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BCNmp7. The Perfidy of Your Love

We are all children or grandchildren of a first dance. Starting from this premise, the MP7 session ‘The Perfidy of Your Love’ sets out to recapture and champion Barcelona’s dance-band tradition, bringing to light a history of music, dance-halls and the people who attended those first dances, and adapt it to our present-day context, with songs we all know and now have the chance to dance to again.

A talk with Roger Roca, Luis Hidalgo, Sisa, Javi Álvarez (DJ de la Muerte) and Cristina Fallarás, a historical map of love according to popular songs, La Gran Orquesta del Barrio Chino a big band put together for the occasion with members of Tarantula, Thelematicos and Manos de Topo and a DJ session that will help us celebrate the return of the slow-dance classics.

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13 July 2011