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Rita Indiana y los misterios

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The versatile, cosmopolitan and maverick Rita Indiana is an upcoming star of contemporary Caribbean music.
Born in the Dominican Republic, this multimedia artist and novelist is one of the movers and shakers of urban culture in the Antilles, working with themes of social tensions, changing gender roles and the difficult situation of the Latino community in New York.

BCNmp7 and BAM join together to present, for the first time in Europe, a sound that has been labelled as electro-merengue beat—fresh and innovative with a frenetic rhythm. A music that is global in outlook and contains a variety of messages—messages which, to be truly understood, need first to be danced to...

22 of September, 7p.m.
La isla que se repite (The Island that Repeats Itself)
The Contemporary Caribbean under Discussion

Live streaming

The Island that Repeats Itself is the concept developed by Cuban writer Antonio Benítez Rojo to define the Caribbean in the global age. A cultural and erotic, musical and geopolitical dimension that goes beyond the strictly geographical to expand to the Mediterranean or Brazil, New York or the Malay Archipelago.
Noelia Quintero Herencia, Puerto Rican film maker and video artist, Cuban writer Abilio Estévez and Rita Indiana, artist and narrator, will be taking part in this talk directed by music critic and journalist Jordi Turtós, looking at the present and future of the Antilles in terms of music, images and literature.
Starting with this viewpoint, these three Caribbean creators will debate the dynamic present in works and biographies, territories and uprootedness, ideas and bodies.

23 of September, 11.30 p.m.

Concert Rita Indiana y los misterios at the Plaça Joan Corominas (behind the CCCB).

Free concert in the framework of the BAM Festival, during the festivities of La Mercè

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