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Trabajo, producción y sostenibilidad

Urbanitats — n. 12

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Those of us who have nothing to do with the scientific analysis of the economic model that prevails today in the world and even less with its defence or with putting it into practice, can ask ourselves, from our blessed state of ignorance, questions that are completely naive. Before our inexpert eyes a strange and quite incomprehensible world is appearing. A world that seems, in contrast, perfectly reasoned and explained by irrefutable experts.

Authors: Albert Garcia Espuche, Vicent Alcántara, Joaquín Arriola Palomares, Antoni Domènech, Armando Fernández Steinko, Josep Puig i Boix, Daniel Raventós

Publication year: 2002

Pages: 120

Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm.

978-84-88811-79-0 (castellano)


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