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Fes / Fez

Ciutat interior / Ciudad interior


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As in the exhibition, in the catalogue too sound and image are vital to an in-depth understanding of what the texts have to say and to more active participation in the experiences that the authors relate to us. This CD-booklet contains a dozen pieces of music recorded for the exhibition. They include the music of ritual (gnawa, essaoua), religious practice (dikr) and soundscapes of the city of Fez. A physical, social and cultural itinerary which sets out to reach the almost impenetrable interior of a complex and fascinating city.

Authors: Albert Garcia Espuche, Toni Serra (Abu Ali)

Publication year: 2002

Pages: 72

Dimensions: 14 × 12,5 cm.

Images in B/W and colour: 50

978-84-7794-849-0 (català / castellano / àrab)


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