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104. La solitud i el cos virtual / Loneliness and the virtual body

Cassandra Khaw

Breus — n. 104

Catalan , English 8 € Buy

Video games are exciting for a bunch of reasons. As they are a medium that is still in its infancy, it benefits from the knowledge of its predecessors, taking the example of cinema, the publishing world, radio and poetry. Video games allow us to “occupy” bodies that are not ours in a very special and vivid way, they apply tricks that make it possible for us to live other people’s lives: they allow us, at the same time, to achieve human contact and explain (live) a history. Who knows what stories we will be able to tell and how in the future.

"If we are still here fifty years from now, the games may have become archaeological objects, thanks to which we will be able to contemplate the past in all its splendor and in technicolor»

Authors: Cassandra Khaw

Publication year: 2021

Pages: 56

Dimensions: 13 × 17 cm.



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