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Xisi Sofia Ye Chen


(Barcelona, 1994)

Xisi Sofia Ye Chen has a degree in Humanities and a master’s degree in Chinese Studies from the Pompeu Fabra University. She made her debut as a playwright and director in 2017 with Bereshit. Gènesi o en el principi (Bereshit: Genesis or in the Beginning), a jointly authored project of Sala Beckett’s Laboratori Malnascuts. She has recently directed her first short film, Xiao Qiang, primera ensoñación (Xiao Qiang: First Dream State, 2020), a work which, part documentary and part fiction, explores the religion her parents were born into. Her narrative work is notable for its embrace of cultural fusion and her in-depth exploration of the philosophy of religion.

Update: 11 March 2020



Yan Lianke, Xisi Sofia Ye Chen and Cadhla Kennedy Ko

Has participated in

A Vocabulary for the Future

Continuous screening