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Xavier Pérez

Lecturer in Audiovisual Narrative at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Assistant Dean of Audiovisual Communication Studies. His books include La llavor immortal. Els arguments universals en el cinema and Jo ja he estat aquí. Ficcions de la repetició (Serra d'Or Critics Prize), both written jointly with Jordi Balló, El temps de l'heroi. Èpica i masculinitat en el cinema de Hollywood, written with Núria Bou, and El suspens cinematogràfic. He has worked in theatre, literary and film criticism. He was awarded the Carles Duran Film Criticism Prize for his weekly Quadern de cinema column, written with Núria Bou.

Update: 22 November 2016


Has participated in

Dramaturgies. Stories incarnated

Course directed by Carles Batlle, in collaboration with the Institut del Teatre

Laboratories of fiction

Literature, art and philosophy in images