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Xavier Mas de Xaxàs


With a degree in Information Sciences from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and in Contemporary History from the Universidad Central de Barcelona, Mas de Xaxàs has been working in journalism for more than twenty years. After having been an intern at Europa Press, in 1988 he started working at La Vanguardia. Between 1996 and 2002 he was the newspaper's correspondent in Washington, during which time he covered events such as the 9/11 attacks and the Lewinsky scandal. During his journalistic career he has mainly dealt with international news. He is currently a local information reporter and analyst for La Vanguardia, among other media.

He is the author of La sonrisa americana. Una reflexión sobre el imperio estadounidense (Mondadori, 2003), where he highlights the hegemony of the USA and the American cultural influence in our lives. He has also written Mentiras. Viaje de un periodista en la desinformación (Destino, 2005), where he addresses the challenges of contemporary journalism, the press-power relationship or the risks of the manipulation of information. He has co-directed, with the filmmaker Poldo Pomés, some documentaries that vindicate fundamental personalities of recent Spanish history, such as "El diseño invisible" (2021), about the designer André Ricard. In 2008 he created the portal, a digital platform created with the aim of training new journalists, and in 2014 gave rise to the digital weekly In 2019, Mas de Xaxàs receives the Salvador de Mdariaga European Journalism Award in the category of written press; the jury highlights "his decades-long dedication to the information and analysis of the Old Continent, with a didactic, historical and reflective touch".


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