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Stephen Dwoskin

Experimental filmmaker

New York (United States), 1939 – London (United Kingdom), 2012.

Hestudied painting and graphic arts and began shooting experimental films in the early 1960s, associated with the "Filmmakers' Cooperative" in New York. In 1964, he obtained a scholarship and moved to London, a city that would become his home. Dwoskin was known both for his facet as a painter and as a graphic artist, photographer and filmmaker. Like few others, he has turned the human body into his subject of special study, whether it’s beautiful bodies or sick and deformed, always looking for confrontation with one's own prejudices, inhibitions and taboos in which the director, the actor and the viewer are integrated. His films are characterised by the rage in the desire to know how other people are, what goes through their minds and what it is we provoke or generate in those around us.

Update: 18 October 2016

Has participated in

Exquisite Bodies. The genealogy of desire in avant-garde cinema

Aula Xcèntric 2019

Flashes of beauty

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Xcèntric Archive

Visions of the Body III. Dwoskin