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Xcèntric 2019

Exquisite Bodies. The genealogy of desire in avant-garde cinema

Aula Xcèntric 2019


From the very beginning of the history of avant-garde cinema up to the present day, men and women have expressed, on screen, an ardent gaze that pulsates in their images. In their films we discover a body that takes delight in all its ages. Also a body that challenges the assigned roles of identity and gender. So we can think of the films that make up this triple programme as a collective body that electrifies the filmic and digital epidermis; and also, of course, our retinas.

November 21: Exquisite Bodies I. Visual pleasures

  • Au Bal de Flore, Alice Guy, 1900, 1 min 46 seg, digital copy
  • Invitation au voyage, Germaine Dulac, 1927, 33 min, silent, 16 mm
  • Le sang d’un poète, Jean Cocteau, 1930, 55 min, 16 mm (O.V. French)

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November 28: Exquisite Bodies II. The erogenous screen

  • Flaming Creatures, Jack Smith, 1963, 43 min       
  • Sisters!, Barbara Hammer, 1973, 8 min
  • Double Strength, Barbara Hammer, 1978, 16 min
  • Gently Down the Stream, Su Friedrich, 1981, 15 min      

16 mm projection.

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December 4: Exquisite Bodies III. Digital epidermis

  • Cut, Mathias Müller and Christoph Girardet, 2013, 13 min
  • Age is, Stephen Dwoskin, 2012, 75 min

Digital screening.

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Directors: Germaine Dulac, Jean Cocteau, Jack Smith, Su Friedrich, Barbara Hammer, Matthias Müller, Christoph Girardet, Stephen Dwoskin

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