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Xcèntric. 12th season 2012-2013

Visions of the Body III. Dwoskin


Stephen Dwoskin’s body (1939-2012) is framed in all his films, in which he delimits a film space that makes his inability to move visible, thereby creating an extensive body of film in intimate proximity with his own partially paralysed body. His cinema, physical and visceral, centres on the flesh, nakedness, “corporeal subjectivity” and the voyeuristic obsession with the female body as an object of desire and the embodiment of his scopic drive. Times For, his first full-length film, is a claustrophobic study of the latent sensuality of four women and a frustrated man. This film is a metaphor of the intensity of sexual experience, which Jonas Mekas considers one of the most solid and original works of erotic cinema.

Times For, Stephen Dwoskin, 1970, 16 mm, 80 min.

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