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Sergi Pàmies

Writer and translator

He is a writer, translator and contributor to numerous media. He has published more than fifteen novels and collections of short stories that have been translated into a ten different languages. With an ironic and incisive gaze, Sergi Pàmies began his career as a writer with the short story collections T'hauria de caure la cara de vergonya (Quaderns Crema, 1986 and Anagrama, 2007) and Infecció (Quaderns Crema, 1987 and Anagrama 1988). He went on to write novels such as La primera pedra (Quaderns Crema and Anagrama, 1990) or L'instint (Quaderns Crema and Anagrama, 1992) and the short story collections La gran novel·la sobre Barcelona (Quaderns Crema and Anagrama, 1997) or Si menges una llimona sense fer ganyotes (Quaderns Crema and Anagrama, 2007) among many others. He has won several literary prizes such as the Prudenci Bertrana Prize (1993), the Serra d'Or Critics' Prize (1998) and the City of Barcelona Prize. Sergi Pàmies has also translated works by Gillaume Apolinaire, Agota Kristof, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Daniel Pennac and Amélie Nothomb. She has also translated almost all of Amélie Nothomb's works into Spanish. With the short story compilation L'art de portar gavardina (Quaderns Crema and Anagrama, 2019) he won the Serra d'Or Critics' Prize 2019 and Catalan Critics' Prize 2019.

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