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Robert Sala

Robert Sala Ramos (Salt, 1963)

Archaeologist specialising in human evolution. He is director of the Institute of Human Paleo-Ecology and Social Evolution (IPHES) and a lecturer at the Universitat de Rovira i Virgili, where he directs the Erasmus Mundus PhD course in Quaternary and Prehistory. He currently focuses his research on the early human settlement of the Mediterranean basin, including the sites of Atapuerca and Orce, but especially the region of Morocco and Algeria. His current project is studying the human impact on the Maghreb according to the ecology of the so-called “Green Sahara.” He is the author, together with Eudald Carbonell, of works on the socialisation of human evolution such as Planeta hum and Encara no som humans.


Update: 4 October 2017


Has participated in

The Origins of the Anthropocene. A Long-Term View

Discussion with Javier Fernández López Pablo, Sergi Lozano and Robert Sala