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Oriol Malet


Oriol Malet is an illustrator specialising in press, publishing and non-fiction comics. Editorial director of Comanegra Comics. He has illustrated fifty books for numerous publishers. He has been a regular contributor to the La Vanguardia newspaper since 2004. In recent years he has been focusing on journalistic and essay comics through press publications and books that he has started in the French-Belgian publishing market. With John Carlin, he has published "Mandela and the General" (Delcourt, 2018) in ten different countries. Thanks to his essay comic "A World of Art Brut" (Delcourt, 2021), he is now fully engaged in the research and dissemination of Art Brut, a task that he does not consider to be completed with the publication of this book.


Oriol Malet

Update: 20 May 2022


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A World of Art Brut

Oriol Malet and Jordi Canyissà