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Núria Benach

Núria Benach is a lecturer in Geography at the University of Barcelona. She is interested in the new trends in geographical thought, the discussion on urban transformation and the socio-spatial construction of diversity. Her main research interests are urban representations in moments of intense transformation, for example the changes in the image of Barcelona during the Olympic Games, the changes that occur with the arrival of waves of immigrants and the impact of urban tourism on a massive scale. Notable among her most recent publications are Richard Peet: Geografía contra el neoliberalismo (Icària, 2012), “Les transformations du centre historique de Barcelona: des espaces-réserve versus des espaces de résistance?”, in Marges urbaines et néoliberalisme en Mediterranée (Presses de l'Université François Rabelais, 2014), and Imatges, símbols i mites de la Barcelona del 92 (Geocrítica, 2015).

Update: 17 May 2016


Has participated in

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Lecture by Philippe Gervais-Lambony

Franco Farinelli

The End of the New World and the Beginning of Ours: The Return of Geography

Talk by Francesco Indovina

"From territorial analysis to city government"

Richard Peet lecture

"Neoliberalism, financial capitalism and crisis"

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“Space, Place and Politics Today”

Barcelona, Metacity