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Barcelona, Metacity



The intense urban transformation that was wrought on the city of Barcelona with the 1992 Olympic Games led to the city's achieving worldwide recognition as a model of urban development and social cohesion. In recent years, however, new realities have been undermining the stability of some elements of this model. On the occasion of the publication of the book La metaciudad: Barcelona. Transformación de una metrópolis (The Metacity: Barcelona. Transformation of a Metropolis - Anthropos, 2008), the CCCB is devoting this debate to analysing some of the main spatial, cultural and social challenges faced by the Barcelona of today.


10 a.m. Opening of the debate: Marisol Garcia and Monica Degen.

10.15 a.m. From Compact City to Disperse City: Strategies and Results. Juli Esteban, Emili García, Moderator: Francesc Muñoz

11.15 a.m. Coffee break

11.30 a.m. Enclaves and Social Fluxes in the Globalised City: The Art of Constructing Urban Social Cohesion. Speakers: Ricard Gomà, Mikel Aramburu, Rosa Mur. Moderator: Carlota Solé,

1 p.m. Break

1.15 p.m. Culture and its Government: Realities and Rhetoric of the City's New Symbolic Economy. Speakers: Guido Martinotti, Jordi Martí, Núria Benach. Moderator: Arturo Rodríguez Morató


7.30 p.m. 21st Century Urban Transformations: Planning Cities in a Globalized World. Susan Fainstein.

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Interview with Susan Fainstein

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Susan Fainstein, Professor of Urban Planning at Harvard University, visited the CCCB in May 2008 to give a talk as part of the ‘Barcelona, Metacity’ debate. In this interview she develops some of the key ideas in her research field: globalization and the effects it has had on cities, ...

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