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Univers Internet - BiblioLab

Training programme



Univers Internet forms part of the BiblioLab project, a programme of the Xarxa de Biblioteques Municipals (XBM, Municipal Library Network) to develop and support actions that ensure access to knowledge by means of experimentation and innovative creative methodologies in a setting that is open to citizens.

The collaboration project begins with a training programme aimed at the staff of selected libraries so that they can organise Univers Internet workshops in their municipalities. The programme will mark the start of a cooperative working process to adapt the Univers Internet project to the context of libraries in the municipal network.

21 January: Constructing the Net

We create a simulated telecommunications network using a model on a city map to discover the real structure of the Internet in terms of physical infrastructure, and social and economic implications. Facilitated by Efraín Foglia, expert in communication technologies and founder member of

4 February: The ecological impact of the Internet

We calculate the ecological impact of the process of sending an email and sending a letter by conventional post with the aim of discovering the impact and ways of minimising it. Facilitated by Jordi Oliver, Doctor of Environmental Science and lecturer in eco-design.

18 February: The dilemmas of privacy

We play a board game to find out what happens with our data and our identity when we use Internet, and discover alternatives to protect ourselves. Facilitated by Liliana Arroyo, PhD in Sociology and researcher and professor at the University of Barcelona.

3 March: The future of the Internet

An exercise in speculative design to reflect on the present and the future of the Internet by designing objects that respond to various ethical, social and environmental challenges. Facilitated by Efraín Foglia, expert in communication technologies and founder member of

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