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Kyle Chayka

On digital abundance


The journalist of The New Yorker, Kyle Chayka, expert in technology and culture, talks with sociologist Liliana Arroyo, specialist in digital social innovation, about the contradictions and limits of an increasingly digitized world. How to learn to desire less in a present marked by hyperproduction and acceleration? What new forms does culture take in an increasingly technological reality?

In recent years digitization has become the spearhead of a globalized economy that makes invisible its conditions of production. The metaverse proposed by Facebook, for example, wants to create a parallel virtual reality where everything we want is at our fingertips from the dining room of our home. But, according to Chayka, the dream of an immaterial world in which we can accumulate objects and digital experiences without limit will hardly escape the logics of consumerism that we find on the other side of the screen.

In his book The Longing for Less (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020), Chayka rejects the siren songs of digital abundance and proposes to recover the connection with the world around us through the teachings of minimalism.

Moderators: Liliana Arroyo

Participants: Kyle Chayka

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