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Kiko Veneno

Volando, Kiko Veneno (Figueres, Girona, 1952) is 40 years into his music career, promoting Spanish pop music, introducing it to rock and roll and rumba, since 1975 when he met brothers Rafael and Raimundo Amador and formed the legendary Veneno. Their debut album of the same name (1977) is for many the best Spanish pop disc ever. And their collaboration on albums like Camarón de la Isla’s La leyenda del tiempo was fundamental. Since then, either solo or sharing the stage with international stars (from Jonathan Richman to Jackson Browne), he continues to explore new sounds.

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Update: 16 April 2015


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Primera Persona 2015

Autobiographic live sessions: pop music concerts, stand-up comedy, theatre and narrative

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Session seven.