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BCNmp7. BCN sound: NOW

Session seven.

Scene + Music

BCN-mp7 comprises seven sessions of creation, mix and debate about contemporary popular music. The cycle is made up of talks devoted to open critical reflection on the current music scene and concerts that aim to establish new fusions and frictions between the various musical genres.


Session seven: BCN sound: NOW

7.30 p.m. Discussion with Albert Guijarro, Martí Perramon and Javi Zarco. Moderator: Ramon Faura.
9.30 p.m. Concert with Jonathan Richman and Muchachito. Guest artist: Kiko Veneno

Reality and myth of the Barcelona sound. Creative intensity versus the disconnected scene. Internal perception and external projection. Underlying cultural policies. Infrastructures and professionalization. Towards a new legal framework. Local scene/global scene. A city that's (always) ready.

Participants: Kiko Veneno, Albert Guijarro, Martí Perramon, Javi Zarco, Jonathan Richman, Muchachito

This activity is part of BCNmp7. 2006, BCNmp7

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