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Josep Maria Montaner

Architect and university professor of Composition of the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona.

Professor of Architectural Composition at the Barcelona School of Architecture and co-director of the Housing Laboratory of the 21st Century master’s degree, he has taught at several universities and institutions in Europe, America and Asia, and has been curator of different exhibitions including Habitar el presente. Vivienda en España: sociedad, ciudad, tecnología y recursos (Living the Present. Housing in Spain: Society, Technology and Resources, 2006), for which Zaida Muxí was co-curator. He writes for the media, including the dailies El País and La Vanguardia and has published several books, for example Sistemas arquitectónicos contemporáneos (Contemporary Architectural Systems), Gustavo Gili, 2009.




Has participated in

Book presentation: 4º Lat N. 2.600 msnm.

Daniel Bermúdez. Arquitectura

Seminar 3. EXTENSIONS. The New City

El Prat de Llobregat

Global Lies, Local Violence

The World after 9/11

Urban traumas

Cities and disasters

(In)visibles cities

Spaces of risk, spaces of citizenship